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About us

Rabbi Connect is a service offered by Ritualwell, an initiative of Reconstructing Judaism. Ritualwell publishes original rituals, ceremonies, prayers, poems, and more, encouraging Jewish creativity in response to our evolving needs as Jews today. We are affiliated with the Reconstructionist movement, but we are open to people of all affiliations and backgrounds. We align with the vision of Reconstructing Judaism: to build “a more just and compassionate world where creative Jewish living and learning guide us toward lives of holiness, meaning and purpose.” Learn more here.

Our values
  • Inclusivity: We affirm and honor all identities, including gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability. We embrace Jews in interfaith relationships or families and their partners. We welcome people from all backgrounds who are exploring Judaism or feel connected to Jewish life. We actively seek to hire rabbis of color, queer and trans rabbis, and rabbis with disabilities. 

  • Non-judgment: Our rabbis are here to accompany your journey toward wholeness. We will offer guidance with sensitivity to your needs and goals. We will share Jewish ideas and practices based on where you are on your path. We will not impose one particular version of Judaism, but help guide you in finding the path that is right for you.

  • Pluralism: We believe there are many Jewish paths and many ways of being Jewish and living Jewishly. Our rabbis represent a variety of approaches to Judaism. Our current rabbis include: Reconstructionist, Conservative, and post-denominational.

What we offer

Our rabbis provide spiritual counseling, personalized learning, guidance in all areas of Jewish practice, support in creating a customized ritual, and accompaniment on your Jewish journey. Our rabbis do not offer mental health counseling, but may suggest clients seek the services of a therapist as needed. We also do not offer lifecycle officiation (weddings, bnei mitzvah, baby namings, etc.) or conversion services, but may refer clients to a local rabbi for such services. We do provide support in processing questions you may have if you are thinking about planning a Jewish wedding, or other lifecycle ceremony, or if you are thinking about the possibility of conversion to Judaism. Our rabbis will listen, answer questions, offer guidance, and, if relevant, refer you to another rabbi for officiation services. 

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