Rabbi Elyse Wechterman

"The more we learn about people’s stories, the more we recognize ourselves in them.”

Rabbi Nathan Martin

"I seek to draw from a variety of contemporary Jewish practices—mindfulness, singing, text study, prayer, and connecting with our earth—to support the work of living into fuller Jewish lives."

Rabbi Haviva Ner-David

"The core belief of spiritual counseling is that we are all whole and do not need to be fixed. We simply need to feel held in Divine love in order to grow into our wholeness."

Rabbi Kami Knapp

"Our tradition teaches us to look at all the nuances and think deeply about how our decisions affect our community, our faith, our legacy."

Rabbi Leiah Moser

“We should take seriously the demands that God and our tradition place on us. The only way we can do it ... is through using laughter and fun. We cannot take ourselves too seriously.”

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