Meet our Rabbis
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“There are moments in our lives where we are deeply vulnerable. When we mark these moments we have the opportunity to feel hope, love and a spark of holiness.”

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“'Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.' This excerpt from Psalm 90 inspires my work, helping individuals and families to access Jewish wisdom to live lives of greater meaning and connection in the face of mortality." 


“We should take seriously the demands that God and our tradition place on us. The only way we can do it ... is through using laughter and fun. We cannot take ourselves too seriously.”

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"I suggest that we open ourselves up to change and iteration that has the potential to unlock great enrichment in our lives.”

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“We are Yisrael, God wrestlers, and we are Yehuda, Jews, a people full of gratitude. By balancing these aspects of ourselves, we create hope, and hope makes us resilient.”


"Each of us has a divine spark within us, and when we open our hearts we create the possibility for the divine to work through us."


"I seek to draw from a variety of contemporary Jewish practices—mindfulness, singing, text study, prayer, and connecting with our earth—to support the work of living into fuller Jewish lives."


"The core belief of spiritual counseling is that we are all whole and do not need to be fixed. We simply need to feel held in Divine love in order to grow into our wholeness."

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"How can I best nourish and heal myself so that I can serve others and the world? Together, let's cultivate the teacher within, so you can show up as your best self, for the benefit of all."


“Inclusion is not something done from without but has been a part of Jewish and rabbinic tradition for thousands of years.”