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 What People Are Saying 

"I am so, so grateful for being connected with my rabbi through Rabbi Connect. I feel heard, seen, reinvigorated, validated ... I am truly grateful.”

–Rabbi Janet Madden 

"I used Rabbi Connect to build a ceremony to mark a period of healing in a chronic illness. The service was very specific and tailored to my needs, versus someone else’s agenda.”

–Leah W., New York 

“We talked mostly about spirituality, which directly impacts my resilience. My rabbi helped me clarify and think outside the box.”

"My rabbi helped me process my emotions about searching for a wedding officiant so that I could start the search in a way that was right for me and my partner. And my rabbi gave me specific tools and resources to get the process started.”

–Hellen K., Massachusetts 

"I had a wonderful session with my rabbi, who was so knowledgeable, opening up possibilities and correspondences. We translated a few key prayers from the Yom Kippur machzor so that I could connect deeper with their meaning before the holiday. Really concentrated and enlightening session! Bravo for establishing this kind of tool for remote access!”

–Pierre V., New York 

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